Woofs and Weights

Woofs and Weights

A weekend well spent

TrainingPosted by Erin Becker Tue, October 18, 2016 03:57PM
This past weekend we headed to God's Country, formally known as the U.P. of Michigan. I haven't talked about it in this blog yet, but my love affair with the north is no secret. Real trails, gorgeous colors, heavy snowfall, and a large population of mushers all make it my favorite place to be.

We spent our 3 day weekend running trails at Bob and Jan Shaw's in Newberry. Gorgeous location, amazing hospitality, and an incredible experience for the dogs. Nothing beats giving the youngsters a "race like setting" to practice in and get used to.

The weather might not have been the best but will still got in a 5.5 and a 7.5 mile training run.

The two babies of the trip went on their maiden voyage as sled dogs- Bear is a natural beast in harness. Moose, all fuzzy and thick coated cuteness of him was a little hot and uncomfortable but still ran great. They did a 4 mile loop, and a 3 mile loop on the baby team with super leader Cora showing them the ropes.

With fall training comes race planning- and dreaming and scheming. So far we are signed up for three races:
World Championships in Haliburton ON (6 Dog)
Winter Warrior Sled Dog Race- (10 dog)
and CopperDog 150 (10 Dog)

Time to head home and go for a dog run!