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Welcome to Dog-toberTraining

Posted by Erin Becker Tue, October 03, 2017 11:30AM

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"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."- F Scoot Fitzgerald

Nothing could be truer of dog season. Dog-tober has rolled in and we couldn't be more excited to get into the full swing of training. The pups and I had a pretty low-key summer spent lazing and going for walks. (As well as the usual go to work and make dog food money$$ )

This fall we have the joy of 4 little monsters who are soaking in everything the big dogs do. Hatchet, Frasier, Thomas, and Snowbank are growing like weeds and before I know it it'll be time to harness break them with the big kids. Their sisters are turning into outstanding pups for the two musher friends they now live with.

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Hopefully this time around I'll be better about updating the Dog Blog!

A weekend well spentTraining

Posted by Erin Becker Tue, October 18, 2016 03:57PM

This past weekend we headed to God's Country, formally known as the U.P. of Michigan. I haven't talked about it in this blog yet, but my love affair with the north is no secret. Real trails, gorgeous colors, heavy snowfall, and a large population of mushers all make it my favorite place to be.

Blog imageWe spent our 3 day weekend running trails at Bob and Jan Shaw's in Newberry. Gorgeous location, amazing hospitality, and an incredible experience for the dogs. Nothing beats giving the youngsters a "race like setting" to practice in and get used to.

The weather might not have been the best but will still got in a 5.5 and a 7.5 mile training run.

Blog imageThe two babies of the trip went on their maiden voyage as sled dogs- Bear is a natural beast in harness. Moose, all fuzzy and thick coated cuteness of him was a little hot and uncomfortable but still ran great. They did a 4 mile loop, and a 3 mile loop on the baby team with super leader Cora showing them the ropes.

With fall training comes race planning- and dreaming and scheming. So far we are signed up for three races:
World Championships in Haliburton ON (6 Dog)
Winter Warrior Sled Dog Race- (10 dog)
and CopperDog 150 (10 Dog)

Time to head home and go for a dog run!


Posted by Erin Becker Thu, October 13, 2016 02:34PM

This weekend the pups and I will be loading up the new trailer, grabbing our sleeping bags and straw and heading to Newberry MI!

The Tahquamenon Sled Dog Race, and Shaw's host a great passing clinic that I've wanted to attend for awhile now. It might be too warm to run much, but it's a great opportunity for the young dogs to learn how to ride and live off of the trailer.

It's also great practice for the musher/driver without the hazard of snow to learn to drive the new truck and trailer combo ;)

See you soon mushing friends! Off to our favorite place in the world, the U.P.

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Welcome Back Fall!Training

Posted by Erin Becker Sat, October 01, 2016 05:07PM

Fall is just starting to make its first appearance. The dogs and I are impatiently waiting for consistently cold temps to get into the swing of things and really start ATV training with gusto.

This year we're taking on an extremely fun new challenge. Back in August I applied to race in the IFSS World Championships for Team USA. By some luck we were selected and now will be focusing on sending the best possible 6 dog team we can to race for the gold in January. The race: 31(ish) miles, three days in a row, is a solid test of a mid-distance team's training and stamina.

Another race we're looking forward to attending this year is the CopperDog 150. I handled for Becky Bean last year and was blown away by the enthusiasm of the race committee and the volunteers. We plan on entering a 10 dog team to finish out the season with a fun race.

Check back often, new things happen every day when training starts.

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